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Adele's new single "Hello" is off to a blazing start, and could post the largest ever U.S. digital sales week for a song, according to industry sources.

There is apparently science to back up why we can't seem to stop listening to "Hello." We connect to things when they feel personal -- and music is certainly no exception. Add this to some simple brain science and you have a powerful combination: Attachment and repetition.

Four years after her groundbreaking 21, Adele examines the past and tries to right her wrongs on "Hello," the first single off her third studio album, 25. On the surface, "Hello" is about a break-up from long ago, but the song can also be interpreted as Adele's attempt at reconciliation with her former self. In a tweet, Adele called 21 a "break-up record" and 25 a "make-up record."

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