Sing Me to Sleep

Artist: Alan Walker

Transcribed by: KimBo

Length: 5 pages

Instrument: Piano

Level: IntermediateBeginner

5.0 (2 ratings)

Why we think you'll like it

Alan Walker absolutely exploded onto the scene after his track “Faded” went viral. Currently at 350 million views on YouTube alone, “Faded” single-handedly made Walker into a household name. And now, he’s looking to recreate that success with the follow-up, “Sing Me To Sleep.”

“Sing Me To Sleep” is a solid track. It’s no “Faded”, but it is a decent addition to Alan Walker’s repertoire. With the somber tone of the track and that of the video, the track captures everything about his work that we have enjoyed in one go. “Sing Me To Sleep” maintains a lot of the elements from his prior work (the piano, the synths and pads are the same) and we hope this means that an album may be on the way.

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