Good Grief

Artist: Bastille

Transcribed by: KimBo

Length: 7 pages

Instrument: Piano

Level: Intermediate

5.0 (5 ratings)

Why we think you'll like it

It feels like eons since we last heard a new Bastille track. The indie rock band’s success was explosive back in 2013 when debut album Bad Blood topped the charts and success has kept them busy, constantly touring and playing at festivals since. Now they’ve finally found a break to record a new album, Wild World, and ‘Good Grief,’ its first single, is somehow simultaneously good ol’ Bastille and a new direction for the band. It’s certainly more poppy than some of their previous songs, with guitar now accompanying those crunchy piano riffs and drum beats. Though a pretty morose subject matter, concerning the way that missing someone consumes your time, it still somehow feels positive and upbeat, and there is no denying the tune is extremely catchy.

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