Adventure Of A Lifetime

Artist: Coldplay

Transcribed by: Costantino Carrara Music

Length: 7 pages

Instrument: Piano

Level: ExpertAdvanced

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At some point, it’s typical for rock bands who’ve conquered their genre to dabble in dance. The Rolling Stones did it, the Clash did it, U2 did it, Arcade Fire did it. Now Coldplay has done it, with a gloriously absurd, “Get Lucky”-aping new single called “Adventure of a Lifetime.”

The lead single 'Adventure of a Lifetime' is full of fun, vibrant and immediately grabs your attention. It captivates the reassuring idea of new hope and feeling alive again because of a woman. The track starts with a high-pitched, catchy riff from guitarist Jonny Buckland, which forms the basis for the whole song and is repeated throughout. Then, the rest of the band joins in with an upbeat style reminiscent of disco-rock songs of the past. Chris Martin’s opening lines, ‘Turn your magic up… / Everything you want’s a dream away’ introduce us to a woman who is inspiring him to believe in himself again and enjoy life to the fullest.

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