One Dance

Artist: Drake feat. WizKid & Kyla

Transcribed by: Karim Kamar

Length: 6 pages

Instrument: Piano

Level: Intermediate

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One Dance by the Canadian rapper Drake has been number one in the UK singles charts for 15 weeks. That is an eternity in pop music, putting it in the dizzy heights of the most successful records ever. It has reigned supreme since the middle of April. If it can hold on for two more weeks it will be crowned Britain’s all-time number one hit.

The sound is open and unpressurised, built around spaced out piano chords, a slightly reggae flavour, and sampled vocals drifting in from the edges. It has a yearning, melancholic air, over which Drake’s Autotuned voice makes some vague remarks about commitment, calling for one more dance before he departs who knows where.

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