Work From Home

Artist: Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Transcribed by: Viess

Length: 6 pages

Instrument: Piano

Level: AdvancedBeginner

5.0 (2 ratings)

Why we think you'll like it

The infectious lead single from 5H’s upcoming album 7/27, “Work From Home” is a bouncy pop song about everyone’s favorite thing: sex. "Work From Home" has less of a punch to it than Fifth Harmony's most slamming singles.

Speaking of lyrics, as one should hope for in a song called "Work From Home," this track is full of glorious business/sex puns. Let's put it into motion / Imma give you a promotion / I'll make it feel like a vacay / Turn the bed into an ocean / We don't need nobody / I just need your body / Nothin but sheets in between us / Ain't no gettin off early," is just one example of the song's tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Is it the cleverest wordplay in pop music history? Absolutely not, but it still provides some light entertainment.

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