What Do You Mean?

Artist: Justin Bieber

Transcribed by: The Theorist

Length: 5 pages

Instrument: Piano

Level: Intermediate

5.0 (8 ratings)

Why we think you'll like it

Jutsin Beiber's surprise hit "What Do You Mean" is positioned as his huge comeback, which synthesizes the positive components of "Where Are U Now" and presents something warmer and friendlier, but no less nuanced or impressive.

Opening with dramatic piano keys the single guides the listener through a safari of rhythms and synth hooks but remains unafraid to pivot back to the minimalism of the starting position. The electronic iciness of the "Where Are U Now" hook has been swapped out with a lush groove, while the arrangement smartly avoids the maximalism of his past productions but still has a high-enough BPM to inspire movement. "What Do You Mean?" is going to see a lot of club play, but its detailed array of sounds also encourages headphone listening.

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