Artist: Maggie Rogers

Transcribed by: KimBo

Length: 6 pages

Instrument: Piano

Level: Intermediate

4.8 (4 ratings)

Why we think you'll like it

We have yet to invent a scale that measures the weight of a body under duress. Emotional baggage takes as much of a toll on our livelihood as any physical property, whether it’s of our own creation or the result of another’s grip on our happiness. In Maggie Rogers’ “Alaska,” the clouds part, the sun rises, and the blinds blocking light from a dark room pull away. The long-awaited song, which had Pharrell losing his composure in a widely circulated New York University video, comes down to a single sweet truth: Today is a new day.

What sounds like a soft-spoken soul begins to soar, liberated, as the record progresses. Rogers breathes the crisp air of glacial plains, fueling a voice that’s at once as delicate and powerful as the nature she describes and samples in the track’s backbone. Each component of “Alaska” pulses with the same heartbeat, amplifying itself like an echo chamber in which dancing is required and sadness is left at the door. What remains is an ear worm as infectious as it is earnest, one that took time to crystalize.

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