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On the Thursday (April 14) before their Coachella debut, The Chainsmokers were holed up in L.A. readying a special duet for their set.

Seated at a dinner table overrun with scattered external hard drives and snaking USB cables, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart tweaked the song with the Sahara Tent in mind. Pall's frisky golden retriever Cheddar scampered about to the tune of carefree synth stabs and Taggart's first lead vocal turn.

More than three months later, the single today (July 29) sees release as "Closer," a nostalgic collab with Halsey that narrates a couple's first sparks of rekindled romance following a four-year absence.

Boasting an earworm chorus and evocative verses like "play that blink-182 song that we beat to death in Tuscon," "Closer" captures the millennial zeitgeist in brilliantly infectious fashion.

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