Beauty Behind The Theory Bundle

Artist: The Weeknd

Transcribed by: The Theorist

Length: 32 pages

Instrument: Piano Bundle

Level: Advanced

5.0 (11 ratings)

Why we think you'll like it

Five years and what amounts to five studio albums worth of releases into The Weeknd's career, and on "Beauty Behind The Madness" he finally unleashes the fully unhinged hedonist pop star character that he's so carefully cultivated. 65 minutes after listening through the release, you may have accidentally overdosed after being exposed to the contact high from the album’s druggy lyrical content. Or, if still able to feel your face, you're definitely still likely to be completely bowled over by the work done by not just The Weeknd as a vocalist, but a top tier crew of producers, arrangers, songwriters and engineers on the release. In reaching out and grabbing every pop sound that’s been successful in the past half-century of mainstream pop, rolling it tightly in a blunt and setting them ablaze with Abel Tesfaye’s sonorous vocals, this release gets much higher than most anything else released in 2015.

There are 7 individual downloads included in this bundle:

  1. The Weeknd - As You Are
  2. The Weeknd - Dark Times
  3. The Weeknd - Losers
  4. The Weeknd - Often
  5. The Weeknd - Earned It
  6. The Weeknd - The Hills
  7. The Weeknd - I Can't Feel My Face
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