Artist: X Ambassadors

Transcribed by: KimBo

Length: 5 pages

Instrument: Piano

Level: Advanced

5.0 (4 ratings)

Why we think you'll like it

If you commissioned an actuary to chart the popularity of certain themes in popular music, you'd see huge spikes for obvious topics like sex, love, breakups and various rebellious behaviors. Rock music, especially, has always been an incubator for artists who challenge the prevailing social norms and mores, sometimes angrily so. One subject that wouldn't have nearly as big a blip on that graph, however, is divorce. But what about how divorce damages children? Enter X Ambassadors and the singular "Unsteady." It's a mournful, haunting ballad that finds frontman Sam Harris pouring out the agonizing, conflicting emotions he felt as a 15-year-old boy begging his feuding parents to stay together.

Listening to this cautionary song and watching its warning-laden video, we're pushed into feeling just how "unsteady" Sam Harris felt when his parents' marriage ended. And we see how addictions and relational rifts inflict devastating emotional wounds upon the children caught in their wake—wounds that go deeper than parents may know as kids desperately pine and pray for a more steady—and also, godly—outcome.

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